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Corporate Packages

Hosting a large event and want to provide the children in attendance with the ultimate entertainment? Look no further! We can elevate your next event from ordinary to extraordinary. We are able to adjust our designs to accommodate a wide range of guests, customize our designs to fit just about any theme or even incorporate your logo into a glitter tattoo. The colors and smiles add a visual aesthetic to any event. We can help you create a memorable experience for everyone who attends and have children and adults walking away happy and impressed.

Corporate Options

Glitter Tattoos
Approximately 20-30 designs per hour.
Professional Balloon Twisting
Simple designs- Approximately 20-30 designs/ hour. Elaborate designs- Approximately 10-20 designs/ hour.
Professional Face Painting
Quick designs- Approximately 15-20 designs/ hour. Half Face/ Full Face designs – Approximately 10-15 designs/ hour.
  • Parking in close proximity to the venue must be provided. If there is no free parking, additional fees may be incurred. 

  • There may be a travel fee, depending on the location of the venue. 

  • Hourly rate includes any combination of services.

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